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I know the how to get ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) topic is not new.  I myself googled this very topic when I first started out.  Today I am starting a series about how to get ARCs.  I’m going to start out talking about the site that I started using first – NetGalley.  Let me say that I don’t get every book request and I am not some sort of NetGalley magician.  Make sure you come back next month for when I talk about BookishFirst. 

What is NetGalley

 NetGalley is a service to promote and publicize forthcoming titles to readers of influence. It is completely free to sign up. The site is for  reviewers, librarians, educators, etc.  You don’t have to have a blog, so long as you post your reviews somewhere, Goodreads or bookstagram are fine.  On NetGalley, members interact directly with book publishers.  You can request books, and send your reviews directly on the site.  All books you receive from NetGalley will be electronic and downloadable to most devices (phones, tablets, and kindles).

Netgalley ARCs


How to Get Started on NetGalley

As I mentioned, signing up on NetGalley is free.  Simple go to the website and click sign up.  After you sign up you will want to create your profile.  This is probably the most important step when you’re starting out.  This is what my profile looks like:

NetGalley - Profile

As you can see this is nothing special.  One tip, make sure you keep your profile updated.  I don’t change a lot but I always make sure to update my Instagram follower count. NetGalley has a great page on tips for setting up your profile and how to get started.  

How to Get ARCs on NetGalley

As I said I am by no means an expert and I don’t get approved for every book I request.  Each publisher has their own preferences, so check that out.  However, if you feel like you might not meet the qualifications don’t let that discourage you.  One thing that is important is your feedback ration.  The more books you review the better.  NetGalley recommends an 80% feedback ration.  When you start out its good to try some of the Read Nows.  You can use those to help increase your feedback ratio.

NetGalley - Read Now

There books aren’t always the most popular, but there are usually some good ones.  

Tips for Using NetGalley
  • Keep your profile updated
  • Review!  
  • Be mindful of your feedback ration
  • Don’t request too many books at once
  • Check the site regularly
  • Make sure you don’t miss a download – the archive date is the date you can no longer download the books
  • Be honest – it’s okay to give a bad review.  

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