Top Ten Tuesday – Changes in my Reading


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Changes in my Reading.  And this one really made me think, what has changed turns out a lot.  Most of it is thanks to bookstagram.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and has since moved to That Artsy Reader Girl beginning in January of 2018.

Top Ten Tuesday Changes in my Reading

10. Buying Foreign Editions

Before joining Bookstagram, I never really knew foreign editions existed now I own quite a few.

9. Out of Control TBR

Okay so, I had this before, but I am exposed to so many more books and so my TBR is now twice as long as it once was.

8. Keeping up on Reviews

Since starting a blog I have been so much better about reviewing books, because well I have a blog.  though I’m still terrible about getting them on bookstagram.

7. Recommendations

I find myself giving and receiving so many more book recommendations lately.

6. Looking under the Jacket

Before bookstagram, I never once bought a book on how pretty it was naked, now I’m at Barnes and Noble taking jackets off of books to see how pretty they are.

5. Buying more Hardback Books

I used to read a lot more in my kindle, but physical books look so much better in my feed.

4. Cover Buys

I buy way more books based on the cover these days.  I think oh that would look pretty on my bookstagram feed.

3. Mood Reading

I used to be more of a strict TBR reader but I’ve realized sometimes I don’t want to read a fantasy book, though number two makes this one harder

2. Getting Arcs

This year was the first time I started getting Advanced reading copies of books.  It is very exciting but also slightly stressful.

1. Not Finishing books

There was a time when I would finish every book I started.  Then I realized life’s too short and my TBR is too long to read bad books



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  1. I love looking through Book Depository for UK covers for some of my fave books…it’s so interesting to see how different foreign editions look!

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