May 2020 Releases to Add to Your TBR

So, this COVID thing has pushed a lot of books back, but there are some awesome releases coming in May that should be on your TBR if they aren’t already. I’m going to share with you books that are either on my TBR or May Releases that I have read, that I loved and you should add to your TBR. Be sure to take a look at my full 2020 releases, I have tried to update any new publication dates as well.

Aurora Burning
Aurora Burning (Aurora Cycle #2) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Squad 312 is back to save the day from an evil trying to destroy the universe.   What could possibly go wrong?

Release Date: May 5th ǁ   Publisher: Knopf Books For Young Readers

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Beach Reads
Beach Read by Emily Henry

Augustus Everett and  January Andrews are two writers who could not be more different.  Except that they are both spending the summer trying to cure their writer’s block at the beach.  When they challenge each other to write outside of their comfort zone, they may cure more than just their writer’s block.  

Release Date: May 19 ǁ   Publisher: Berkley

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The Jewel Thief
 The Jewel Thief by Jeannie Mobley

Juliette’s father is King Louis XIV’s court jeweler.  When he is commissioned to cut a one of kind diamond, the pressure is too much for him.   Juliette takes it upon herself to do it and ends up in jail accused of stealing the diamond.   Juliette has one chance to convince the king that she is innocent.

Release Date: May 26 ǁ   Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers

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Four days of you and me
Four Days of You and Me  by Miranda Kenneally

Every year of their high school lives Lulu and Alex go on a class trip, and every year the trip brings them closer together.  This year is their last class trip, Lulu and Alex are brought together again, and made to face the connection they share.  

Release Date: May 5 ǁ   Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

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Book Cover The Last Girls
Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky

Honey Juniper and her sisters live off the grid in Washington, preparing for every situation. But they are not prepared when the danger comes from within.

Release Date: May 5 ǁ   Publisher: Tor Teen

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  1. I’m so looking forward to the audiobook of Aurora Burning, loved last year’s Aurora Rising. And I have my eyes on Four Days of You and Me as well. Happy reading 😀

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