Who’s Your Daddy?

This post is going to have spoilers, so I want to make sure that you are well aware of that.  I tried to pick older books so that the spoilers are at a minimum.

So this isn’t Wednesday, it isn’t that sort of Daddy.  This is more the “Luke, I am your father” sort of thing.  You know when the villain ends up being the father of the main character, sending the main character reeling and adding another conflict in the main character’s path to overcome the villain.  Or maybe it’s a character everyone thinks is bad but is actually not such a bad guy, and because he’s the main character’s dad, he is given a chance, read more to find out how this trope is used and some of my favorite incidences of it.


So this is the latter example, Sirius Black isn’t Harry’s father, but godfather is close enough.  Everyone thinks Sirius Black is to blame for Harry’s parent’s death, in fact, he has been in Azkaban this whole time because of it.  But by the end of the book, we learn it was all a misunderstanding and really its that rat, Peter Pettigrew!


When Clary finds out the evil Valentine is her father she is appalled, and I don’t blame her! Valentine is terrible, trying to basically kill all of the downloaders and recreate the Nephilim.  He was horrible to her mother, and in this case, I don’t think the fact he was her father helped him in any way, the brother that shows up in later books, however…



When Mia finds out that Julius Scaeva  is her dad, its a shock to us as readers for sure and to Mia, but does this is one instance where finding out that the enemy is her dad doesn’t matter, not even a little bit, because well it’s Mia Corvere we are talking about here.

Do you like this trope? What other books ith this trope would you recommend?






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