Types of Book Boyfriends

**Warning** this post does contain spoilers specifically for the Red Queen, The Cruel Prince and Belles, if you haven’t read those books, and you don’t want to be spoiled, do not read any further.

I don’t know about you but I have certainly fallen for my share of fictional characters, and I think that just like in real life there are types that we are drawn to.  Below is a list of five “types” that I see.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but just my observations.

The Rescuer


Characteristics: usually physically impressive, tend to be rule followers, generally popular, admired especially by authority.

Examples: Dimitri – Vampire Academy, Cal – The Red Queen, Remy – Belles, Jamie Frazer – Outlander

The Rescuer is the goody two shoes.  He is the good guy, who is actually a good guy, often annoyingly good.  He always does the right thing, and when our hero/heroine is in a bind this is the guy who “surprises” us by breaking the rules to come to the rescue.  These characters are generally no fun, and not particularity charming, but there is always something that our heroine sees that makes her see them as more than just some unemotional drone, usually a child is involved.  Now, just because these gentlemen are “rescuers” does not mean that their ladies are damsel’s in distress, in fact, its usually not the case, which makes the dynamic all the more interesting.

The Best Friend


Characteristic: this one is pretty self-explanatory, he’s literally the best friend, generally there is an unrequited love situation

Examples: Simon – Mortal Instrument, Jacob – Twilight, Jem – Infernal Devices

The best friend comes in a lot of different packages, but one thing remains the same, he loves his best friend, and she, well she’s not usually into him at first.  Usually, this guy is super sweet, always there, and gets taken advantage of.  The girl meanwhile is into someone else, usually a bad boy to counter the sweetness of the best friend.  Now one of two things happen when you see this type either the other guy is an ass, and the whole time you are yelling at the girl, “what are you doing!  Blah Blah is so much better” or the girl ends up with the other guy and the best friend gets some other hot girl or you know the daughter of his best friend and her new husband !?! (side eye Twilight)

The Mr. Darcy


Characteristics: If you have read Pride and Prejudice, or seen Bridget Jones diary you know what I am talking about, basically Colin Firth!  Okay but really these guys are generally uptight and proper.  Not one prone to showing emotions.

Examples: Blackwood – Kingdom of Fire Series, Cartier – The Queen’s Rising, Mark Darcy – Bridget Jone’s Diary, Mr. Darcy – Pride and Prejudice

Generally, at first anyway, it seems that Mr. Darcy and our heroine just cannot get along. Our heroine thinks things like “that stuffy Mr. Darcy, he’s handsome but insufferable.” These are usually slow burn romances, but we find out that Mr. Darcy has loved/liked our heroine almost the whole time, and sometimes we wonder why (at least I do…), but mostly we are yelling “god just kiss already.”

The Good Guy, Who is Actually Not Such a Good Guy


Characteristics: usually charming, not at the top of the food chain i.e. second son or friend to someone powerful,

Examples: Maven – Cruel Prince,  Locke- The Cruel Prince

While not my type personally, I love it when this happens.  It hasn’t happened enough to be a trope quiet yet, and so it still surprising when it happens.  Generally, these guys are super charming and nice to a girl who really doesn’t have anyone else.  I find they are often paired with a Rescuer, because, I mean that makes sense.

The Bad Boy


Characteristics: rebellious, sarcastic, charming, RULEBREAKER, morally grey

Examples: Adrian – Vampire Academy, Noah Shaw – Mara Dyer, Rhysand – A Court of Thorns and Roses,  Nik Malikov – Illuminae Files

Oh, the bad boy.  There is a reason they show up so much, they are entertaining and let’s face it dreamy!!!  The bad boy is sarcastic, witty and the ones that make you crack a smile while you read.  They are always breaking the rules because you know, they are bad boys.  They are often times morally grey and generally end up doing some crazy selfless act and saving everyone, or you know the guy our heroine is actually into.  They tend to be much more dynamic than some of the other types, I’m looking at you Rescuer, with some sort of inner conflict.

So in case you didn’t figure it out, I love a good bad boy!

What is your type?  What types am I missing?

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