Twinfluence by Grace Costello

Twinfluence by Grace Costello

Romantic Comedy

Steam Level: It’s Getting Warmer


Rating: 4 out of 5.


One last twin swap. What could go wrong?

Twenty-six-year-old Dani’s identical twin sister calls her out of the blue with a colossal problem. Sophie needs to jet off to Mexico to save her friend from a botched tummy tuck but her boss won’t let her take any PTO. Dani, eager to repair their strained relationship, leaves her glamorous LA life behind as a top social media influencer to save the day. Dani’s dang good at pretending to be her sister, but good enough to teach high school kids in rural Oklahoma?

When Sophie gets stuck in Mexico for an entire month, Dani not only has to teach Economics and Life Skills, but she has to direct the school musical. And that boss Sophie hates so much? Yeah, it turns out Principal Beck is entirely too good-looking and single for Dani to ignore.

Rushed high school musicals, fiery school board politics, and cozying up to Sophie’s boss, definitely weren’t on her sister’s pre-approved syllabus, but Dani never was one for sticking to the plan.

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Twinfluence is a romantic comedy in which twin sisters swap places.  If you’ve seen a twin swap movie, you know how this turns out, but it doesn’t make the story any less enjoyable.  

The whole book is told from Dani’s perspective, which fits the story and a delight because Dani is just such a wonderful character.  She was fun but also mature enough to be relatable. Dani was also flawed, but she owned her flaws, and I respected that.  Beck is pretty dreamy, which is to be expected.  

My only complaint is how quickly the relationship between Beck and Dani develops.  I would have liked to see the two spend a little more time together before their relationship started. I also didn’t love Sophie; she should have known the risks and didn’t really have a right to get upset with Dani.  

As I mentioned, the story is pretty predictable, but it was still a wonderful read. I loved seeing Dani grow as a character and gain confidence.  I really enjoyed the resolution and sincerely hope that there are more books in this series! 



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