Trope Tuesday: Lost Royal

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Lost Royal

The Lost Royal is nothing new. A prince or princess (usually) has been kidnapped, thought killed, etc. turns up unexpectedly. This is usually met with one side being overjoyed and the other side being none too pleased to see this person.

Today I am going to talk about three books that subvert – at least a little bit this trope. For the most part, the fact that the main character is a lost royal of some sort is not a big spoiler, but just to be safe SPOILERS ahead.

Red Queen
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Let me first start out by saying that while I enjoyed this book, the rest of the series was not my favorite. The Red Queen is great because the Lost Royal story is a ruse. A story made up about a girl that exhibits powers she should not have, to keep the status quo.


I read Switched a long time ago – back in 2012, but I still think about it and I think it may warrant a re-read from me. This book centers on the changeling myth, and so rather than the Royal being lost, in this case, Wendy, a fae, was purposely switched out as a baby to be raised by humans.

LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike, #1)

Of the three books I think LIFEL1K3 does the best at subverthing the Lost Royal trope. It’s a retelling of Anastasia so you sort of alrady know something is going on. I won’t get into details, but this is a Jay Kristoff book after all…

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