Tip Tuesday: When and How Often to Post

Again not an expert here, and I think this post more than any other will make that clear.  So you have your photo and your caption and you are trying to figure out when to post.  There are a couple of options.

If you have an Instagram business account it will tell you when your posts see the most activity. I have no idea how accurate it is, but it isn’t bad information to have.  There are also apps that can help you with this too, but again I’m not positive about the accuracy.  The third option is whenever you want.  I usually post early in the morning, during the week and really when I have time on the weekends.  No matter when you post I highly suggest you do it when you have at least 15 minutes to be able to respond to comments you get right away.

As for how often to post, that is up to you, but I am of the opinion that less is more.  I usually post a maximum of two times a day.  The only exception is if I’m posting for my challenge, either announcing it or shouting out my faves.  Lately, I’ve been sticking to posting once per day.  I have heard, and again I’m not an expert, that posting too much in one day can lower your engagement.  So my advice is two times maximum with the occasional third post.

Please let me know if you have insights about when and how often to post!

Next week I will be discussing scheduling apps!

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