Tip Tuesday: Items I’ve Bought for Bookstagram

One of my favorite items to buy items from bookstagram that aren’t candles, bookmarks or mug rugs is Amazon.

I’ve bought quite a few items I use all the time from my bookstagram photos.  You can view the full list here but I will highlight some of the more useful items below:

Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand

I bought this mostly for my stories.  I was sick of having to use my huge light when I filmed my stories at night time, and I also like that this dame with adjustable arms so I could record hands-free as well.  This year I’m hoping to get in front of the camera a little more, and this is perfect!  This is a USB, so you can plug it into your computer to use an adapter and plug it into an outlet.

 Ceramic Fragrance Candle/Wax Warmer

I love candles, and I actually rep for a candle company so that means I get my fair share of bookish candles and wax melts.  This is perfect because I can use it to melt both candles and melts.  I have this in my book room and love to have it on when I’m taking photos.

18 X 18 Pillow

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of pillowcases, subscription boxed sure like to send pillowcases.  I certainly don’t mind, but for photos, it’s nice to have them on an actual pillow, so I bought an extra pillow for just that purpose.

Historical Short Sword 15.5-Inch

So I love fantasy, and a sword is a perfect prop to go along with my fantasy books.  This sword is not very long, only a little over a foot, so keep that in mind, but it looks good in photos and the price is right!


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