Review: The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross

IMG_4316.jpgShort Synopsis: Brienna is training to be a knowledge passion, after not getting picked with the other girls, a disgraced lord becomes her patron.

Initial Thoughts: Beautifully written and entertaining!

Characters: 4 – I loved Brienna, though at times her lack of confidence was annoying.  I also enjoyed the supporting characters as well.

Writing: 5 – I’ve decided to include writing in this review because it was special.  The wiring was beautiful!  There was a good about of detail and imagery, without going overboard.

Plot: 4 –  The plot overall was great.  There were times when it moved a little slow for my liking, but overall the plot was very entertaining and always moving forward.  One thing I am slightly confused about is what is going to be in the rest of the series.  I felt like this book tied everything up, so I am curious to see what more is left to be told.

Originality: 4 – The basic story is not entirely original, but there were so many new details added in, for example, the whole passion thing, that really made this feel like something brand new.

Predictability: 3 – Okay so I also know there are a lot of complaints about this.  Apparently, there is a genealogy chart at the beginning of the book which had major spoilers.  I listened to the audiobook, so I was not spoiled, and honestly, I still thought this book was fairly predictable.

Romance: 4 –   I know a lot of people had an issue with this for various reason, I didn’t and I enjoyed it, but I do understand why.  Without spoiling too much, it may have been slightly inappropriate and there is the age difference, so this isn’t two teens falling for each other.  The romance is really a major plot point, and it is SLOW.

World Building: 4 – This was done very well.  The writing helped tremendously with this.  I also thought the Passion aspect of the book was explained well.

Overall: 4

IMG_4275.jpg A beautifully written book, with a good plot.


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