The Priest by Tiffany Reisz

The Priest


A priest is found dead, and his last call was to Nora.  When private investigator Cyrus shows up asking questions, Nora can’t help but get involved.  Can Nora and Cyrus figure out what happened?  

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The Priest is a romantic suspense novel, that is part of a bigger series but can be read as a standalone.  Not having read the other books in the series, I can attest, that yes this can certainly be read as a standalone.  A lot of the characters have pasts that you would know about more if you had read the other books in the series, but not knowing all the details ddn’ take away from my enjoyment. 

This book is set in New Orleans, one of my favorite places.  The city always seems like another character in the book. Speaking of characters, I loved them.  Nora is such a badass, and I loved her wit. Cyrus is a new character to the series and he is fantastic.  I loved the way these two worked together and had such a sibling-like relationship.  

The Priest is not for the faint of heart.  Nora is a dominatrix and her lover is a catholic priest.  The BDSM elements are certainly there, but I didn’t feel that it took over the book.  I also enjoyed that Cyrus knew nothing about the BDSM scene and through his questions, the reader also was able to learn more.  The Priest is really about relationships and values. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be reading more in this series.


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