The Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren

The Honey Don't List by Christina Lauren
The Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy

Rating: 4 Star read


Carey and James work on America’s favorite design show, staring the Tripps.  The Tripps are on the verge of stardom, and about to head off on a book tour, there is just one problem, the couple hates each other.  Carey and James are sent on the tour to keep the couple out of trouble and just might find something between themselves.

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I love Christina Lauren. I have read a lot of their books, but after I didn’t love Twice in a Blue Moon, I was worried about this one. Turns out I had no reason to worry! This book was so good! 

I like how it starts with two co-workers who barely know each other and don’t respect each other dealing with their, I will just say it, crazy bosses. Think Chip and Joanna but like the complete worst versions of them. As James and Carey get to know each other and team up against their bosses, Melissa and Rusty, an attraction grows. I liked Carey and James’s relationship. After a bit of a rough start, they end up being good for each other. I love how much James believed in Carey. Carey never had the confidence in herself and I enjoyed seeing James try to build that up. 

While I did like this book, it is not perfect. Melissa and Rusty are meant to be more of the comic relief, but I just found them off-putting. I also thought that Carey and James fell for each other too quickly. The whole story was told over a week and I just don’t buy that they fell in love that quickly. This book was cute and charming, but it wasn’t Josh and Hazel caliber

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