The Fake Relationship

In my opinion, there is almost not better rom-com set up than the fake relationship! Unlike Enemies to Lovers, this trope is almost exclusively found in romance and is basically a Hallmark movie.  Let me tell you how it usually goes down.  Two characters meet somehow, perhaps through an ad, or just coincidence one or both of them need a significant other because of some variation of one of the following: 1. want to make an ex jealous; 2. need one for work (this one I never really understand); or 3. are trying to get their parents/family off their backs.  They pretend to date, they fall in love and well hilarity usually ensues along the way.



To All the Boy I’ve Loved Before is a perfect example of this.  This book is adorable, and I highly suggest you read it if you haven’t.  The Netflix movie is pretty darn amazing as well, my husband even liked it.  This book has a great fake relationship between a swoon-worthy guy and an adorable female protagonist.  If you enjoy the fake relationship trope, check this one out right away.


If you are looking for something a little more shall we say, adult, then check out The Kiss Quotient (you can read my full review here).  This book took me by surprise.  It was STEAMY and I liked it.  This is a variation on the fake relationship to get your family off your back.  It was very entertaining, the characters were wonderful and oh yeah did I mention steamy.


Enjoy historical romance? Well, then this one is for you.  Simon and Daphne pretend to be almost betrothed.  It’s a plan that helps them both out.  It keeps the marriage-minded ladies away from Simon, and with a Duke as a prospect might help Daphne to strum up some worthy suitors.  Daphne is an extremely smart and capable woman, and Simon is utterly charming.

What are your favorite Fake Relationship stories?




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