The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman




On the edge of town a beast haunts the woods, trapped in the Gray, its bonds loosening…

Uprooted from the city, Violet Saunders doesn’t have much hope of fitting in at her new school in Four Paths, a town almost buried in the woodlands of rural New York. The fact that she’s descended from one of the town’s founders doesn’t help much, either—her new neighbours treat her with distant respect, and something very like fear. When she meets Justin, May, Isaac, and Harper, all children of founder families, and sees the otherworldly destruction they can wreak, she starts to wonder if the townsfolk are right to be afraid.

When bodies start to appear in the woods, the locals become downright hostile. Can the teenagers solve the mystery of Four Paths, and their own part in it, before another calamity strikes? (Goodreads)

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Riverdale but with less likable characters


So I liked this book.  I didn’t love it, but it was a good read.  It reminded me a LOT of Riverdale, old family secrets, teenagers solving a mystery and power hungry parents who have a past.   

I definitely liked the book more the closer to end I got.  When I finally started getting answers to the 1,006 questions I had.  The overall premise was very interesting, and I loved learning about the magic of the town.  

The characters were fine.  I liked them, but I think because the story involved so many of them it was hard to get to know any of them well.  There was also a lot of telling not showing in this book, which I didn’t love. I was also initially frustrated with the lack of answers, I feel like perhaps instead of having everything revealed at the end, it would have been nice to have an answer here and there throughout the book.  

All that being said, I will be reading what the second book in this series for sure.  

Overall: 3.5

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