Signs You’re a Book Lover

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is 10 signs you’re a book lover.  There are way more than just 10 signs, but I have picked out some of the ones that I’ve commiserated about with  other books lovers.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and has since moved to That Artsy Reader Girl beginning in January of 2018.

10. You know what Foreign Editions of Books look like

Not only do you know that books have different printings, you know the UK over the US, and you have a preference for one of the other. 

9. You taking giving Book recommendations very seriously 

As a book lover I get asked for recommendations all the time.  But I can’t give a bad recommendation.  So what should be 30 second conversation, turns out at least 10 minutes of me finding out every book they had ever read and how they liked them.  And only then can I give a recommendation.  


8. You Can’t Choose a Favorite Book

You might have a favorite Harry Potter book (the correct answer is The Prisoner of Azkaban).  You may even have a favorite thriller or romantic comedy, but having to pick one is literally the hardest choice you’ve ever had to make.   

7. You know When book will be released

Most casual readers don’t know when the next book in a series or by that one author they like comes out.  Not only do I know, but I have a whole blog page dedicated to it.  

6. You’ve Gotten a Bookish Subscription Box

If you’ve gotten one or two you’re a book lover, if you’re like me at at one timed had 4 coming you have a problem.  I have since stopped getting them except for some series I really love.  

5. You own multiples of the same book

I own two sets of the Caraval series.  I’m dying to get some foreign editions of The Hating Game,  and don’t get me started on what organs I would sell to get an ARC of that book.  

4. You have “good” bookmarks

There are the bookmarks you use, you know the free ones you get, and then you have the ones you use in photos.  Maybe you use some of those, but you can’t risk them actually looking anything but pristine. 

3. You collect Bookish items

I probably have more than 500 bookish candles.  Yeah I know I’m a little embarrassed.  I also have a lot of prints, bookmarks and funkos too.  

2. You Have a TBR

I have a TBR, for most of my adult live.  I didn’t always know the official name for it, but I have had one.  

1. And it is out of control

Yup, I can’t tell you how many books are on my TBR, but it is well over 100, especially since I have a few different lists.  Yes, I have an ARC TBR list as well as released books TBR, and an upcoming releases TBR.  Like I said out of control.  


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