See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

See Me After Class
See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn

Romance, Enemies to Lovers

Steam Level: Hot


Rating: 5 out of 5.


“Did you have relations with my brother . . .”

Good question.

I’d like to preface this by saying it was never my intention to ever get involved in a workplace romance, let alone get involved with the most surly, agitating, and pompous man I’ve ever met who just so happens to be my new friend’s brother.

My intentions were to show students how English and reading books could actually be fun and make a new life for myself in the suburbs of Chicago.

But so far, I’ve managed to be called into the principal’s office.

Coerced into participating in the teacher’s badminton league.

And instigated into passionate fights with Arlo Turner over education and decorum while losing my underwear at the same time.

Known as Mr. Turns Me On, he’s the reason I might get fired from my first ever teaching job.

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Holy Moly!  See Me After Class is HOT!!  This is the story of two teachers who start out hating each other and, you guessed it, end up as lovers, sometimes while they still hate each other.  

Arlo Turner is everything I love in a male lead, the tortured hero with intimacy issues who needs control.  Did it also help that his POV chapters were read by one of my all-time favorites Zachary Webber?  Yeah, it did not hurt! His voice fits the character perfectly!  Erin Mallon read Greer’s POV, and she also did a great job as well!  Both of them did a great job with the different voices, so I was never confused about who was talking.  These two made this already great book even better!

The story was good, but I didn’t love the major conflict in this book.  While I understand why it came about, but I also feel like it was maybe a little unbelievable.  I knew it was coming, and I did like how it showed both characters dealt with it.  And to be honest, the resolution was well worth this!  The writing was wonderful; there were quite a few places where I literally laughed out loud.  All of the characters in this book were fantastic and added something to the book.  I loved the camaraderie between them! 

This book is great!  And I highly recommend it a great story with some very steamy scenes! I’d love to see more books with these characters.  



See Me after class

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