Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan

Cover Ruthless Gods
Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Release Date: April 7

Book 2  in The Something Dark and Holy Series 

Other Books in the Series: Wicked Saints


4 Star read


Nadya doesn’t trust her Gods. Serefin is hearing voices. Malachiasz is at war with what he has turned into. All three must work to save their word.

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I really enjoyed Wicked Saints and I was eagerly anticipating Ruthless Gods. But after the ending of Wicked Saints, I was worried. Turns out I was right and wrong to be worried. The story and characters are still great, but some parts were a little confusing. I still feel like I don’t quite understand that magic in this world, though perhaps I’m not supposed to.

The story still centers mostly on Nadya and Serefin. And the book is still split up between the two of them. The truth is though I don’t care that much about Serefin, or rather I am much more invested in Nadya and Malachiasz. Malachiasz is far and away the most interesting character in this series and Nadya is a close second. I felt like Serefin is similar to a lot of other characters I’ve read about and so I lost interest in him a little more quickly.

It is an interesting story and picks up after the events of Wicked Saints, but as the book goes on and magic becomes more and more an element of the story, the more I became a little confused. There were a lot of times in the story I didn’t understand how or why something was happening. Again, some of this may be because we aren’t yet meant to understand, but others actually made me question if I hadn’t missed something somewhere.

All in all, this is a great book, and I think in terms of characters and story I liked it as much as Wicked Saints. I also am very excited about the next book in the series cause I have a feeling it will be my favorite.


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