Rom-Com Book Review: Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters


To save her job, Evie Summers must prove to Ezra Chester that you can fall in love just like they do in the movies.  Evie sets out to find that movie love by staging several meet-cutes, but learns that maybe real life is better than the movies.    

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Would Like to Meet is a Rom-Com lovers dream!  It reminded movies and television shows I love, like The Mindy Project and Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Evie is a wonderful character, smart and kind, with a bit of a self-esteem issue. Ben is your typical Mr. Darcy type, which is always a great character and Ezra is well, Ezra.  

Was this book extremely predictable, yes, but most rom-coms are so I certainly don’t hold that against it?  In fact, it actually may have added to the enjoyment. Seeing Evie go through one meet cute after another was hilarious and poor Evie was such a good sport.  The side characters were wonderful as well, Evie’s friends were fantastic and Annette was amazing!  

If you are a lover of rom-coms I cannot recommend this book enough!  It was cute and hilarious, the perfect blend of romance and comedy!


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