Rom-Com Book Review: Tweet Cute

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult




Pepper and Jack are in a twitter war, they are also unknowing falling for each other on an anonymous chat app that Jack built. 

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It’s official I loved Tweet Cute.  A little enemies to lovers and a little star-crossed lovers.  This might be my new favorite trope pairing! I have to admit I had my doubts about this one.  Mostly because it is a young adult contemporary. These usually leave me extremely annoyed with at least one if not both main characters.  But let me tell you Jack and Pepper are two of the most mature 17 year-olds ever.  

This book had a great story, but what really made me love it was Jack and Pepper.  As I mentioned, incredibly mature. The quickly moved out of the enemies stage because of this.  Both of them, for the most part, listened to and accepted the explanations that went with the several misunderstandings that happened in the book.  

What I also loved was it was more than just a story of two people falling in love.  It was about two people finding themselves. While I very much enjoyed the romance part, I enjoyed Jack and Pepper accepting who they were and what they wanted too.  I liked that they brought out the best in each other, and saw the best in each other.  

I will happily read anything else Emma Lord writes, please keep them coming!  If you love rom-coms then you should check this book out right now.

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