Rom-Com Book Review: The Worst Best Man

Book Cover The Best worst manby Mia Sosa
The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy




Carolina Santos, was left at the altar, and yes she knows how ridiculous it is that a wedding planner was left at the altar.  She doesn’t let that stop her from creating a beautiful wedding for others. When she is offered an opportunity of a lifetime she can’t pass it up even if it means working with the best man from her own failed wedding.  The same best man that encouraged the groom to jilt Carolina.

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Well after reading a lot of good romantic comedies, I finally read a great romantic comedy.  It is no surprise that this is an enemies to lovers romance, that is my favorite after all. The premise was typical, but also not.  Two people who hate each other forced to work together. But this book adds another component in that the hate is very one-sided. Carolina hates Max, blaming him for taking his brother out of marrying her, but Max holds no ill will toward her.  

I loved Max and Lina’s relationship. At first, the banter and the pranks were wonderful and then as the hate begins to dissipate, it was sweet and kind.  I can tell this is a work of fiction because the truth is Max is close to perfect. He is open, honest and sweet. Carolina, on the other hand, was more closed off, and it was fun seeing Max open her up. This was told from both of their points of view, and I think that made it all the better.  

The story was sweet and funny.  And I loved it. I highly recommend it, and I will be reading many more of Mia Sosa’s books

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