Rom-Com Book Review: The Kissing Game

BooK Cover The Kissing Game
the kissing game by marie harte

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy




Rena Jackson has wanted Axel Heller for a while. Rena is finally ready to move on, but then Axel makes a wager with her, and all bets are off. 

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The Kissing Game is a cute book.  I do think I was perhaps at a disadvantage not having read the other books with these characters.  I think perhaps there was some back story I was missing and it certainly would have helped keep all the characters straight, because there were A LOT of side characters in this book.   All that being said, you can read this as a standalone.  

I did like Rena and Axel, but I didn’t love them.  Rena seemed to have a lot of issues, and I don’t really understand why.  You did learn a lot about Axel, he was an interesting character. He also has a lot of issues, but they are explained in a very satisfactory way.  The story was fine, it was entertaining, but nothing outstanding about it. One thing I didn’t love was how violent Axel was, never with Rena, of course.  I understand that it is part of my plot, but it seemed almost celebrated.  

Overall, this is cute and provides some laughs but there are romantic comedies that I enjoy more. 


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