Rom-Com Book Review: Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher


Jack needs to write an article on How to Lose a Girl and Hannah needs a guy for a few weeks to impress her boss, a fake relationship seems the perfect solution until the feelings become too real.


Rom-Com Book Review: Not the Girl you Marry by Andie J. Christopher


Not the Girl You Marry is basically a gender swap of How to Lose a Guy in ten days.  This means a woman had to have a boyfriend to get promoted and a Guy had to be a bad boyfriend.  Neither of which I particularly liked as a plot.  

Jack is apparently the perfect guy, but he keeps getting dumbed, so I was a little unclear why he had to try to lose a girl in two weeks.  Hannah wants to start planning weddings at the events company she works for, but her boss thinks she doesn’t believe in love so of course, she has to find a boyfriend to prove it.  Both characters are using the other one, and both actually like the other one, and I have to say I never got why. Though Jack really didn’t do anything too terrible, the mansplaining was a lot I will grant you, but every time he did something bad he would make up for it ten-fold.

In all honesty, I just didn’t care about these characters, I wasn’t drawn to either of them.   And I was indifferent to whether they ended up together or not. This book was not bad, and I think a lot of people would actually like it, it just wasn’t for me.


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