Rom-Com Book Review: My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My Favorite Half Night Stand
My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy. Friends to Lovers




Millie Morris and her all-male friend group decide they need dates to the end of the year gala.  They decide to give online dating a try to find dates.  But before the profiles go up Millie and her best friend Reid sleep together.  This is further complicated when Millie’s online dating persona Catherine scores a 98% match with Reid.  Reid and Catherine bare their souls online, meanwhile, Ried and Millie can’t seem to stay in the friend zone.  

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Christina Lauren are the queens of rom-com and My Favorite Half-Night Stand just adds a jewel to their crown.  This book is a very cute friends to lovers romance. Because it is a Christina Lauren it is of course very amusing.

Millie was a very interesting character.  She obviously had some hang ups and baggage.  It was interesting seeing her become aware of her faults and realize that she should probably do something about it. Reid was also interesting.  Though he seemed more well adjusted, I didn’t feel like he was as perfect as everyone made him out to be. The best part was probably seeing these friends interact.  They were hilarious and I loved their friendship.  

The love story is both a slow burn and somehow not at the time.  I found myself wanting to yell at both Millie and Reid. Both were very stubborn, and while Reid wanted honesty, he was a but of a hypocrite.  

Overall this is a great and enjoyable book.  Josh and Hazel is still my favorite friends to lovers book.

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