Rom-Com Book Review: My Best Friend’s Royal Wedding

My Best Friend's Royal Wedding
My Best Friend’s Royal by Romy Sommer

Genre: Romance, Romantic Comedy




When your best friend is marrying a prince, and you’re the maid of honor, you have to expect to be in the spotlight.  That’s exactly what happens to Khara.  And the playboy best man more than happy to show her the ropes.

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This book was cute but there were a few little things that bothered me that kept me from really enjoying it.  Mainly it was Khara. I didn’t mind her as a character, but her whole self-conscious thing got really annoying after a while.  If you’ve seen Pretty Woman you know you start from the outside silverware and work your way in, come on!  

I also just felt Khara’s character was trying to be too much at once.  Adam was fine, but he was also the stereotypical romantic rake. While Khara was trying to do too much as a character, Adam’s was not trying to do enough.   I didn’t find him particularly charming, and in fact, I mostly found him boring.  

The story was predictable, which usually I give romantic comedies as pass on, but with everything else being so unremarkable at least the plot could have been a little better.  As I said this was a cute story, but it was nothing special.

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