Rom-Com Book Review: Finding Mr. Better than You

Finding Mr. Better Than You


Camryn has built her life around Marc, so when he very publicly ends their relationship she is heartbroken. Instead of wallowing, she decided to make her senior year the best ever.  

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Thank you to  Swoon Reads for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  


Okay so this is probably not a rom-com in the truest sense, but it’s pretty close.  This is a YA novel, but I was very impressed with the maturity that the characters displayed.  This wasn’t the story of the girl out for revenge, okay well maybe in the beginning it was, but that didn’t really last long.  Instead, this was the story of a girl who realized that she had great friends and that perhaps not having a boyfriend wasn’t a bad thing. 

I think this is a great read of any high school student.  So often we let ourselves be swayed by other people in our life, either our friends or significant others, and we fail to make our own decisions.  I know I am guilty of this. This book is a great cautionary tale about what happens when you rely too much on someone else to make decisions for you.  

While I liked the characters, none of them really stuck out to me.  Cam was fun and her friends seemed like really good friends, but I do feel like the characters could have been written a little better. 


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