Review: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

28458598Short Synopsis: Dimple Shaw know what she wants, do design apps and go to college, what she doesn’t want is an arranged marriage.

Initial Thoughts: It’s cute and for the most part entertaining.

Characters: 3 – Dimple and Rishi were both fine, nothing particularly special but… not horrible.  I would have liked the supporting characters to be a bit more fleshed out though.

Plot: 3 –  The plot was fine, the story kept me entertained, but it wasn’t anything special.

Originality: 3 – So the general plot wasn’t that original.  However, the Indian twist did give it some originality that was lacking, but the bottom line is this is just another teen romance.

Predictability: 2 – I saw just about everything coming.

Romance: 3 –  I did not enjoy that Rishi insta-loves Dimple, like seriously?  The romance was also pretty predictable.

Overall: 3


Cute, but there are better books that tell this exact story out there.

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