Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

IMG_4153.jpgShort Synopsis: Serial Killer stalks small Nebraska town

Initial Thoughts: I was glad I was not reading this while home alone.

Characters: 3 – So the characters were decent, but I didn’t really care about them.

Plot: 3 – The plot was okay.  I did take issue with ending/killer reveal.  But leading up to that was pretty entertaining.  

Writing: 3 – As usual I very much enjoyed Meyer’s writing style.  

Originality: 2 – Nothing new to see here.  If you’ve seen a teen horror flick, you’ve read this book.

Predictability: 3 –  It was about as predictable as you would expect.  I wasn’t particularly surprised by the identity of the killer.

Romance: 4 – I enjoyed the adult take on this.  So often in fiction, in general, the drama comes from miscommunication, I liked that very early on that Makani and Ollie, were for the most part pretty honest with each other.  

Overall: 3

Bottom Line: A solid 3 book, that is sort of scary and romance-heavy

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