Review: The Summer Children (The Collector #3) by Dot Hutchison


After the events of the Butterfly Garden and The Roses of May.  FBI agent Mercedes Ramirez is trying to get back to a normal life.  Go on dates with her girlfriend.  It is after one of those dates that she comes home to find a boy on her porch clutching a teddy bear.  He tells her that an angel killed his family and she dropped him off here so that Mercedes can keep him safe.

As more children start arriving at Mercedes’s with the same story.  The team must work to find out who is doing this, and how they are related to Mercedes.

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This book was defiantly different than the other two in the series.  if you have read the other two, you know this is not a series where the story continues, as much as it about this group of characters.


I really enjoyed that is was told from Mercedes point of view.  She was never my favorite of the agents, but after this book, she just might be.  I also liked that we got to know all of the agents more.  While yes, you could consider Mercedes the victim, she certainly didn’t act like one.

This is not a mystery for you to figure out, that’s not how Hutchison writes.  You weren’t playing detective in any of her books, rather seeing things from the point of view of the victim.  The victim who just happens to be a badass woman, but none the less this book and this series, focuses on the victims and overcoming what has happened to them.

This book like the others deals with some pretty heavy issues.  It is sometimes graphic, and most of the time heart-wrenching.  This is certainly not a book for everyone, but if you enjoyed The Butterfly Garden, then I think you will enjoy this one as well.

Bottom Line

While the first one is still my favorite, this was a very solid conclusion to the series.

Overall: 4

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