Review: The Reluctant Healer by Andrew Himmel

I was given a copy of the Reluctant Healer in exchange for an honest review.  


The Reluctant Healer tells the story of a young attorney who is torn between mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his life-long skepticism of alternative views. Will Alexander is cautious and conventional. But when he meets Erica, a beautiful, intense energy healer, he becomes troubled not only by her unorthodox endeavors but also by the limitations of his own existence. Amidst this turmoil, Will is startled to discover that he may possess metaphysical gifts of healing that confront the narrow doctrines of his regulated life.

​The Reluctant Healer paints a portrait of a reasonable man who traces a path between skepticism and belief. Flawed, funny, and agnostic, Will distrusts much of the alternative world, even as he struggles internally with phenomena that challenge both his sense of self and his orderly perspective. Will’s love for Erica, the exposure to her world, and his newfound powers place his life in a state of uncertainty, teetering between disruption and liberation.

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This book just wasn’t for me. 


Do you ever read a book that you feel like you should like but you just don’t?  That’s how I felt about this book. I think a lot of people out there would find this to be an enjoyable read, but something about it just didn’t do it for me.

That being said I didn’t even consider not finishing, once I got about halfway through I wanted to keep reading, but the truth is I didn’t like the characters.  Will was annoying from the start. Having gone to law school myself I completely understand being a little disenfranchised with the legal profession, but he had such a defeatist attitude, I just didn’t love it   I did start to enjoy him more as the book went on. Erica was not my favorite, I have a feeling my logical mind just couldn’t deal with her.  She was very flighty and while very enthusiastic she got on my nerves.  

The writing was well done and the story itself was interesting.  The way it unfolded kept me engaged even though I didn’t enjoy the characters.  

Bottom Line

If this sounds like a book you’d enjoy, it is well written and a good story.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.  

Overall: 2.5

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