Review: The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

IMG_4315.jpgShort synopsis: After her mother is kidnapped, Alice must enter the world of the Hinterland to save her.

Initial Thoughts: An original idea, that could have used a bit more story.  

Characters: 3 – I liked Alice, but felt the other characters were just too underdeveloped.  Especially the grandmother, I would have liked to know a whole lot more about her.

Plot: 2 –  It started out great.  I had some really high expectations for this, but it sort of fell apart at the end.  

Originality: 4 – This book was certainly original.  There are certainly some elements that I’ve seen before, but the basic story was original.   

Predictability: 4 – I guess one benefit to the plot not going where I expected what that it certainly wasn’t predictable.  

World Building: 3 – This was also lacking, I would have liked more of an explanation of the Hinterland and its characters.  I understand that if I got everything it would have been a VERY long book, but maybe just a little more?  

Overall: 3

 IMG_4275.jpgA decent book, but I think I’d be more interested in just reading the Tales for the Hinterland.

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