Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


Lucy and Joshua hate each other!  Which makes the fact that they works across from each other everyday even more difficult.  But when Lucy realizes Josh isn’t the cold person she thought he was, she realizes maybe there is a thin line between love and hate.

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I am obsessed with this book!  To say I loved it would be a gross understatement.  I want to read it, again and again, like right now! I’m listening to the audiobook as I write this, no joke.


So here is the thing about contemporaries, you know how they are going to end before you even start them.  So if you want to be surprised and don’t like predictability I wouldn’t recommend contemporary fiction at all, and especially not this books.  But if you want a book with two fantastic characters that is beyond witty, a little sexy and just so stinking adorable I can’t even!  Then this my friends is the book for you!

Are there characters a little immature, yes, I will be the first to admit that their passive aggressive behavior is frankly a bit ridiculous! Do I love it and secretly wish I had someone to act this way with, yes.  Lucy and Joshua are funny!  Laugh out loud funny.  I did, in fact, laugh out loud, which made it a bit awkward listening to this book at work.  That and other things… more on that later.

The story is told from Lucy’s POV.  Normally I find the first person in these types of stories to be insanely annoying but Lucy is quirky and I love her.  I related to her quite a bit.  She’s hilarious and her inner monologue is frighteningly similar to mine.  Joshua is, well he’s an ass… but that’s just my fictional type so.

The banter between these two is amazing and enemies to lovers trope gets me every time! And this book is sexy!  Like NSFW (Not Safe For Work) sexy.  But it isn’t raunchy.  I also really enjoyed the seeing these two characters develop.  The plot lends itself very well to that.  I enjoyed seeing how Lucy and Joshua handled each new situation.

Bottom Line

I loved it, like one of my favorite books ever, loved!

Overall: 5

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