Review: The Forgotten Book by Mechthild Gläser

IMG_4281.jpgGirl finds a magical book, chaos ensues…

Initial Thoughts: Whoa, these people are in high school?  This felt more like a middle-grade book to me.

Characters: 2 – Forgettable, like I can barely remember their names forgettable, and Emma, the main character, was super immature, and quite honestly not all that likable.

Plot: 2 –  I had very high hopes for this one, the synopsis sounded very interesting, but it was a letdown.

Originality: 3 – Eh, finding a magical book, that been done, but the whole legend thing, while I didn’t really enjoy it, it was original.  The romance, however, not original at all…

Predictability: 3 – I had no doubt how this book would end.  But, to be fair there were a few strange twists.

Romance: 1 –   This was basically Pride and Prejudice if Elizabeth was the MOST ANNOYING person in the world.  I mean the guy’s name is Darcy, so we aren’t even trying to hide it.  I really just didn’t get it.

Overall: 2

IMG_4275.jpgA very immature Pride and Prejudice, with a fantasy twist.

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