Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

img_3974-e1520622030926.jpgShort Synopsis: Human girl lives in Faerie, they don’t like her.  Also political intrigue.

Initial Thoughts: A different take from the typical Faerie books.

Characters: 4 – LOVED Jude.  She is pretty much a badass, and just yes!  Also, Vivi is no-nonsense.  The other supporting characters were great as well, if slightly underdeveloped. 

Plot: 4 – Very enjoyable plot!  Certainly not your typical faerie story.  Adding in the politics went a long way to keep the story interesting. 

Writing: 3 – The writing was good, I always enjoy Holly Black’s style. 

Originality: 4 – I was all set for a “typical” humans in Faerie, they can’t lie, don’t eat anything, but that was not what was going on, at all.

Predictability: 4 –Well that’s not where I thought this was going at all!  Some of it yes, I saw that coming, but there were enough twists and turns to make me happy. 

Romance: 4 – Hmmm… that was interesting.  And, yes I hope they go there in the next book.

World Building: 5 – I am a stickler on the world building, if you are going to have your book set in some place that doesn’t exist, or at least we don’t know it does, then please, please, please, explain this world to me.  Well, this book was great!  It was by far one of the best explanations of Faerie and done in a way that was so natural to the story.

Overall: 4

Bottom Line: If you like badass female characters, with some political intrigue, this is for you!

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