Review: The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

IMG_4314.jpgShort synopsis: Camellia is a bell and her job is to make people beautiful.

Initial Thoughts: The whole time I was thinking this was what the Capital was like in the Hunger Games

Characters: 2 – They all fell a little flat to me.  There was no depth and frankly, the seemed sort of catty.  The villain was just bad, with no redeeming character to make her interesting.

Plot: 3 –  Entertaining, but I wanted more. I totally get the message this book was sending and I appreciate that, but it felt like it sacrificed story to get the message across.

Originality: 4 – Other than making me think of Hunger Games, this was not like anything else I had read in terms of the overarching story.  Of course, when you break it down it a lot like other things I’ve read.

Predictability: 3 – This went basically the way I expected, there was a twist that I didn’t entirely see coming, but all in all it was fairly predictable.

Romance: 2 –   I debated even including this, as there wasn’t really a romance plot so to speak, and what little there was, I didn’t care for.

World Building: 4 – I felt like I understood this world pretty well.  I would have liked a little more, but I think some things have to be kept a mystery, especially given this is the first book in a series.

Overall: 3


If you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in the Capitol of  Panem, you should give this a read.

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