Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


So this is a book of short stories, so I am going to change it up a little bit.  Also, full disclosure, at this point Ms. Meyer can do no wrong in my eyes, so get ready for a gush fest!

There are nine stories total, seven are prequels to the Lunar Chronicles, basically one for the whole Chronicle and then another for each character, Cinder, Wolf, Carswell (♥), Cress, Winter, and Kai.

There is a standalone retelling of the little mermaid, with no Lunar Chronicle characters, called “The Little Android”, and honestly it was hands down my favorite.  I loved it, and while the other stories comforted me like old friends, this one made me really feel (too corny?).

The final story is an epilogue to Winter and is super cute.   I loved getting the old gang back together again, and seeing what’s going on with them all.

Bottom Line: If you enjoyed the characters from the Lunar Chronicles READ THIS NOW!

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