Review: Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett


Zorie and Lennon were best friends until they accidentally kissed.  They dated secretly for months until Homecoming of their Junior year where they planned to make their public debut as a couple.  There was one problem, Lennon didn’t show up.

Months later just a week before their senior year they find themselves on a camping trip together, stranded, all alone.  Can they get past their differences and make it back home?

Initial Thoughts.jpg

The first page talks about the main character’s bullet journal, I am hooked already!


I loved the characters.  Zorie reminded me a lot of me.  She’s a planner and isn’t as adaptable as other people (not that there is anything wrong with that) Lennon is more a free spirit with an insane amount of wilderness knowledge.  There was also a subplot involving their parents.  Let me just say that Zorie’s dad makes Lucius Malfoy look like parent of the year.

The plot was good, as with most contemporaries you know what’s going to happen before you start reading, it’s more the why and how that makes these books great. The reason Lennon didn’t show up at Homecoming was set up as a bit of mystery in this book and the reveal was less than satisfying.  I had a hard time believing that this would have been the thing that ruined years of friendship.


Bottom Line

If you like character-driven contemporaries than this book is for you.  It was super cute and enjoyable, but I did like Alex, Approximately better.

Overall: 3.5

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