Review: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Creekwood #1)


Simon is sixteen years old and gay.  He knows it, but no one else does.  That is until Martin sees the email has been writing to a boy Simon knows as Blue.  Martin asks Simon to help be his wingman so that he can get to know Simon’s friend Abby a little better, and Simon thinks that if he doesn’t play along with Martin, then his secret will be out.

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So I’d seen this around a lot, and for some reason, I just never picked it up.  I am so glad I finally read this!  It is adorable.


I love Blue!  I figured out who Blue was relatively early on, and honestly, I think you are supposed to, there are certainly enough hints.  That being said it wasn’t crazy to think that Simon wouldn’t figure it out, which is often the problem with this sort of book.

The book is so cute and funny, I found myself laughing out loud or ‘awwing.”  I also really liked Simon’s relationship with his parents.  So often in YA parents are nowhere to be seen, so it was nice to see them so featured in this book, and in, for the most part, a positive way.

I think my biggest problem with this book, and maybe it was supposed to be a character flaw in Simon, is that he seemed to have no idea about any of his friends.  That just seemed really strange to me, and I don’t know if it was something just to help the plot or if I was supposed to read into it the Simon doesn’t really care…

I loved that Simon and Blue fell in love with each other without really knowing how the other was.  So often we make assumptions about people and it sways our opinions.  I loved the anonymity they had and how because of that they were about to be more open and honest than they would have been.

Bottom Line

ADORABLE read!  I loved the characters! Loved the story!

Overall: 4

Side Note: In my opinion, the movie does not do this book justice at all!

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