Review: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson


When Taylor’s dad is diagnosed with cancer, the family decides to spend one last summer together at their lake house.  The family hasn’t been there for five years but it seems like not a lot has changed, the ice cream shop is still there, so is Taylor’s ex-best friend and her first boyfriend.

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So this was a downer book, and I knew that going in, but it was still pretty depressing.


For some reason every time I read a book about “going home again” I think lifetime movie.  Second Chance Summer was no exception.  Now for some of you that might not be a good thing, but I LOVE lifetime movies so…

Taylor’s family is a little all over the place.  I didn’t much like her brother or her sister, even at the end.  Her parents seemed great, especially her dad, which made the story even more sad.  Taylor herself was average, and I don’t even mean compared to her brother and her sister, I mean she is very much your average teenager.

Her best friend Lucy, is a fun character, I really enjoyed their interactions.  Henry, the ex-boyfriend, was like the world nicest guy, which honestly made this character a little unbelievable.  Their whole love story was sort of lost, since the actually falling in love took place five years earlier.  There are flash backs, but they were also twelve so I just couldn’t get into it.   I think that is my biggest complaint, I just didn’t care that much about Henry and Taylor.

For me the most important relationship in this book was that of Taylor and her father.  This was her summer to say goodbye.  I loved seeing Taylor learn a little more about her dad and really understand herself.

Bottom Line

This is a bit sappy at times, but I enjoyed the character development.  Be prepared to shed a tear.

Overall: 3.5

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      1. I really liked Since You’ve Been Gone! I strongly related to the protagonist’s social anxiety and toxic friendship dynamics in that one. I know Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is a lot of people’s favorite. But really, I think all of her books are enjoyable!

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