Review: Roar by Cora Carmack


Aurora’s family has had the power to control storms for centuries, ruling a kingdom because of this power.  There is just one problem, Aurora does not have any Stormling powers.  To hide this she is forced to marry Prince Cassius.  At first, Cassius seems to be the charismatic second son, but as Aurora learns more about him, sh cannot go through with the marriage.

Aurora decides to run away, and join a band of storm hunters.  If she can learn to steal magic from storms she may just be able to save her kingdom.

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**Disclaimer** I was in a slump when I started this, and I forced myself to finish as a way to get out of the slump.  It worked but, I also think that it may have slightly influenced my feelings toward the book.


Let’s get this out of the way, Cassius was my favorite character.  I never really felt like he was a true villain, and yes he was being sneaky but so was Aurora.  Aurora was fine she had depth, and other than being a hypocrite I liked her.  Locke, on the other hand, was pretty much just a one dimensional “good guy” and I found him pretty boring. And based on that assessment you can guess how I felt about the romance.

The story was pretty good.  It was very original, at least I haven’t read anything about storm magic before.  The whole process running away thing has been done, but this added a new element.  I did like the Aurora wasn’t just some helpless princess, she brought something to the group, and she was willing to do whatever it took.

The ending, however… Without giving anything away, it sort of came out of nowhere for me.  Did I miss a legend somewhere where they talked about this?

Bottom Line

A decent fantasy, but when your favorite character is supposed to be the guy you aren’t rooting for, well…

Overall: 3

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