Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

30312891.jpgShort synopsis: Emma and Julian are Parabatai, and in love… Not only does this break Shadow Hunter law, it could drive them mad.  Their only hope is finding the Black Volume of the Dead.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones that want it.

Initial Thoughts: Well that was depressing…

Characters: 4 – So Magnus Bane is in this, right away the characters got a lot better.  To be honest I don’t really love Julian or Emma, they are fine but the other characters in this book are better, like Ty and Kit for example.

Plot: 3 – A lot happens which is good, but I found that I didn’t really care that much.

Originality: 4 – The shadow Hunter world is still original, and I like that we are introducing new ideas, the whole Parabatai curse…

Predictability: 4 – The ending, especially, was quite a shock.  In fact most of the book was pretty unpredictable, I just wish I cared a little more.

Romance: 3 –   So the Julian/Emma Romance is not my favorite.  I am pretty indifferent to them.  Mark, Kiran, Christina is slightly more interesting, but still not that exciting.  There is one romance I am hoping for, but I think because I don’t really care about the characters, I care about their love lives even less.

Overall: 3.5 (Goodreads 4)


I do enjoy Clare’s Shadow Hunter books, but this series is my least favorite so far.

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