Review: Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

35181314Short synopsis: Basically the story of Anastasia, but Sci-Fi.

Initial Thoughts: First I should probably say Sci-Fi is not my favorite genre, I don’t dislike it but, its certainly not my go to. With this book, everything felt rushed. I sort of felt like I was missing part of the story. 

Characters: 2 – I felt like I walked into a party where everyone already knew each other.  Meaning I don’t feel like I know these characters very well at all.  I liked what I did see, but I wanted more.

Plot: 3 –  The plot moved along very quickly, but maybe too quickly.  I would have liked if it had taken its time a little more.

Originality: 4 – Okay so yes, it is a re-telling, but a VERY original re-telling.  And the Sci-Fi spin was pretty cool.

Predictability: 4 – There was a lot in this book that I expected to happen, and a lot of those things did in fact happen.  The ending, however, was not something I expected at all!

Romance: 2 –  This book has a serious case of Insta-Love, that I just can’t get behind.  I am not opposed to these characters being together, I just need a little more.

World Building: 3 – The quick explanation of why there are robots and all that, not enough for me.  I really wanted more answers, but I have a feeling that’s more of a book 2 plot.

Overall: 3


I enjoyed it, and the end especially was great.  I will read the next book in this series.

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