Review: Everless by Sara Holland


Short synopsis: Time is a currency, Jules returns to the childhood estate that she and her father fled to try to save her father’s life.

Initial Thoughts: This felt like that movie In Time to me, just set in the past instead of the future.  This book is also the reason I added predictability to my review system, cause well to me it was VERY predictable, more on that later…

Characters: 3 – I liked Jules, as a YA heroine she was a lot less annoying than some, but the other characters, they didn’t do it for me.  Most of them were underdeveloped and well boring.

Plot: 3 –  The plot moved at a nice pace, the ending felt a bit rushed, especially with all the build up.  I generally enjoy when books have some sort of mythology tied in, but this one confused me more than anything.

Originality: 3 – This book was just like In Time but with some myths and legends, though it did manage to still be relatively original.

Predictability: 2 – I was not a chapter into this book before I could tell you what was going to happen.  I will drop any spoilers, but yeah, it was obvious.

Romance: 3 –   This was a bit of a letdown, the Gerling boys were a bit underdeveloped and well boring.  I wanted more for Jules.

World Building: 3 – This was done pretty well.  I am still slightly confused about the myth, and maybe that’s more my fault than anything, but I would have maybe liked some sort of “history” on time as a form currency.

Overall: 3

IMG_4275.jpg An okay book, especially if you enjoyed In Time.

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