Review: Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

30223025Short synopsis: After the civil was reconstruction is interrupted by Zombies!  Jane McKeene and other girls are sent to train to kill these zombies.

Initial Thoughts: Entertaining, but a bit on the slow side.

Characters: 3 – I lived Jane and Katherine, but just liked them.  Both got on my nerves a couple times during the book.

Plot: 3 –  The story was fine, but I feel like it could have been told a little more quickly

Originality: 4 – Very original, I enjoyed a story in this time period told from a woman’s point of view and you add in Zombies…

Predictability: 3 – Maybe it the story had been a little more fast paced I would have been more surprised, but I had plenty of time to figure out what what going to happen.

World Building: 3 – I’m not exactly sure what, but I wanted more.  Where did the Shamblers come from?

Overall: 3


Very original read from an interesting point of view.

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