Review: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

IMG_4492.jpgShort synopsis: Daughter of the Pirate King gets herself captured by a rival pirate family so she can find a map piece.

Initial Thoughts: I love Alosa! Great book with awesome characters!

Characters: 4 – Alosa is my favorite!  I so enjoyed her!  And Riden isn’t so bad either.

Plot: 4 –  There was intrigue, action, overall its a fast-paced read with a good plot.

Originality: 4 – Very original.  There need to be more pirate books, especially with female pirates!

Predictability: 3 – There were more surprises that I thought they would be, but the end was still pretty predictable.

Romance: 4 –   Alosa and Riden have some serious chemistry!  I love that they challenge each other and that they don’t underestimate each other.

Overall: 4


The plot is good, but it’s the characters that really make this book work!

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