Review: City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

8755785Short synopsis: The finale of Jace and Clary’s Journey

Initial Thoughts: Wow Longest Epilogue EVER!!! Also really Jace brought a condom with him to a demon realm? That is preparedness for sure.

Characters: 4 – Still love these characters! The witty banter…  But Magnus is my number one Warlock for sure!!

Plot: 3 –  First let me say that I think the Mortal Instruments would have made a great trilogy!  I love these characters so much, so I enjoy reading about them but…

Originality: 4 – Still one of the most original series I’ve ever read!

Predictability: 4 – There were some serious twists for sure, but the ending was a little too clean for me.

Romance: 4  –   A little too neat and wrapped up in a bow, but I did enjoy it.

World Building: 5 – As always, great job! The intricacies of all the Down-Worlders and their characteristics and politics,  Love!

Overall: 4


Enjoyed this series and these characters, but I’m glad this is the end.

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