Review: By Your Side by Kasie West

30522058.jpgShort synopsis: Autumn and Dax get stuck in a library together over the weekend…

Initial Thoughts: I loved Pivot Point by Kasie West, this was cute, but it was not Pivot Point.

Characters: 4 – The characters were cute!  Dax and Autumn were both very likable, and I liked that Autumn was able to think for herself

Plot: 2 –  My biggest issue with the book was how unbelievable it would be to get trapped in the library.  I know they needed a catalyst, but the unbelievability took away from my enjoyment.

Originality: 3 – Still original, still love female pirates!

Predictability: 3 – There were more surprises in this than I anticipated.  It was by no means shocking, but it kept things interesting.

Romance: 3 –  I wasn’t as invested in this than I should have been, but they were cute!

Overall: 3


If you can get over the unbelievable premise, a cute YA romance.

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