Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

IMG_4489.jpgShort synopsis: A skilled painter is spirited away to the Autumn Court by Rook, a Fae Prince because she gives him a Human emotion when she paints him.

Initial Thoughts: While I get the comparisons to ACOTAR (which I am reviewing next week) it is not exactly the same.  

Characters: 4 – I enjoyed Isobel and Rook, but there were other characters that I didn’t quite understand the purpose of.

Plot: 4 –  Interesting plot, a unique take on the human faerie dynamic, the plot moved along at a decent pace and there were enough twists to keep me interested.

Originality: 3 – So the overarching story is nothing new, but there were enough new ideas to keep this interesting.

Predictability: 4 – I never quite knew where this one was going on, it kept me guessing the whole time, and I really liked that.

World Building: 4 – I enjoy reading books involving Fae, and I feel like each new book I read adds something to the lore.

Romance: 3 – I sort of didn’t get it.  I mean why do they love each other, especially so quickly.

Overall: 4


Another enjoyable trip to a faerie land!

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