Priest by Sierra Simone



Tyler Bell is a priest.  He took a vow of celibacy which he had every intention of keeping.  That is until he met Poppy Danforth. 

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Let me start this off by saying I am not religious, so while this is a forbidden romance, and I understand it, the romance didn’t affect me like it may other people.  This book is STEAMY. This is also mostly told from Travis’ point of view.I listened to the audiobook, as I do with the majority of my Dirty Daddies Wednesday post, and that meant a lot of Jacob Morgan which made me very happy.  

I think it’s important that it was told from his POV, because honestly if I didn’t hear his internal struggles I wouldn’t have bought them.  This book was over the top for sure, had some insta-love, and pretty unbelievable, but I have to say none of that bothered me. I enjoyed the story, the characters and, yes I’ll admit it, the steam. 

This is my first Sierra Simone book and it will not be my last, I loved her writing style.  The characters, especially Travis, were very well written. It was clear they cared about each other and there was so much angst!  This book gave me all the feels and by the end, I almost couldn’t take it anymore. Let me again warn that this book is not for everyone.  But if this is a book you think you enjoy I would recommend it! 


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