Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club is a monthly subscription box.  In the box, you get a book, a quote card, and 3-5 wrapped gifts.  Each gift corresponds to a part of the book, and when you get to that page you unwrap the gift.  There is also a book discussion hosted on Instagram.  There are two available box options a young adult box which I received, and an adult box.  The boxes are shipped around the 19th of the month from Arizona.  The cost of the monthly box is $34.99 plus shipping.  You can also enroll in a subscription plan, which takes a few dollars off the monthly cost.  To learn more I you can visit their website.


I received the March box. The book I received was Time Bomb by Joelle Charbonneau and you can read my review here (spoiler it was not my favorite).  As you read the book there are post-it notes on the pages that tell you the corresponding gift to open.  The gifts are not book merchandise, however.  They are items mentioned in the book, for example on page 30, a black scarf is mentioned, and this is the gift.


Once Upon a Book Club March Box

First, I love the box they come in, it is by far my favorite of the book boxes I’ve seen.  The gifts themselves were fine.  I did enjoy the surprise of opening the gifts as I read, though personally, I think I prefer book merchandise to random gifts. The gifts in the March box were: the book, the quote card, a scarf, a wallet, an Eiffel Tower poster and a friendship bracelet.




This is a fun way to read a book, and if you are okay with gifts that aren’t directly related to the book, this could be the box for you.


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