My New Romance Review Directory

My New Romance Directory

Popping in quickly to tell you about my updated romance review page directory. I’d been doing a lot of romance book searches lately and I was getting frustrated by not finding what I wanted. Frustration is the mother of inventions right?

I figured when I searched for books I was looking for a couple of things, tropes, romance type or theme, and steam level. So you guessed it, that’s what I added to the directory.


The first section is tropes, I think by now you know I love a good trope, so of course this was going to be on the list. I have nine tropes as of now, but don’t worry the more I read the more I will add.


Next up we have themes or type. You can see at the moment I have eight different listings here. Again potentially mor to come, but this is a good start.

Steam Level

This was by far the things that frustrated me the most when searching for books. The Steaminess of a book is subjective, but many of the websites I visited didn’t define their scale. Which, made it difficult to tell what they thought was steamy or not. So, as not to be a hypocrite I created my own. There is a warning label and I will be the first to admit that I tend to be a little desensitized to steam. I thought about adding a sixth level but figured I don’t usually review those on my blog, so for now we will stick to five.

That’s it. I’d love any feedback/suggestions you have. Please feel free to drop them in the comment!

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